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Baking artisan bread in the heart of Baltimore


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Bakery in Baltimore

Baltimore Sourdough

The recipe that started it all. A combination of whole grains being fermented by our natural starter, Gertrude, to create a mildly sour loaf packed with complex flavors. Available as a batard loaf. It’s the one with the bird on it!

Overnight Rye

Richly flavored with Rye with a pinch of Carraway, our sourdough Rye loaf is at home with a bit of lox or a pile of pastrami.  Available as a large boule.

Whole Wheat Sourdough

Whole grain goodness with a long fermentation resulting in a wonderfully flavored batard that is far from stoggy.

Ovenbird Baguette

Our interpretation of a French classic, add a bit of our natural starter, a long fermentation, and expert hands to create a great bread for bruschetta, your charcuterie board, or a Ham, Brie, and Jam sandwich

Italian Baton

Soft, open crumb, and delicious. It’s what your grandma used to make or tried to make! Great for sandwiches, dipping, or bake a killer garlic bread to impress the family


An Italian classic with a sourdough twist. Large craters dot the surface filled with olive oil and a variety of toppings such as Rosemary & Sea Salt, homemade Za’atar, and many more! Grab a slab to tear into or slice in half and make yourself a slamming pizza! Great all around bread with a wide open, soft crumb. Very versatile and available daily!